The Life and Times of Dan L. Black

Zachary Johnson 
"Disappointed People Holding on to Guardrails"


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It is blowing my mind how many likes this thing got, like holy shite.I really wish I could credit the cosplayers now.

Cat doesn’t know what to do with the butterfly that flew on its paw.

Aleksandr Deineka, The Red Army (1929)

Raoul Dufy : Ceres au bord de la MER , 1928

Turkish Women near the Danube - Constantin Artachino

The Hala Kahiki, located about six miles south of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in the suburb of River Grove, has caused more than one passing driver to do a double take, wondering how a weathered beach shack arrived on such a bland stretch of Midwestern road. In fact, much about the Hala Kahiki’s origins is serendipitous. The tiki theme was inspired by bamboo fencing that Oppedisano’s grandparents used to cover their shabby walls, and the name came from a comic strip. When the bar opened in 1966, the tiki fad that had swept American pop culture over the previous three decades had already peaked. Yet nearly 50 years later, the Hala Kahiki is one of the last true tiki bars left in the region.
Aloha from the Hala Kahiki — The Distance

Andrew Wyeth 1917 - 2009 Beech Tree 1934